Get a Signed CD by The Nothing Project!

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Get a signed CD by The Nothing Project, a NH resident one-man band, when you donate $35 at the following link:

IndieGoGo Perk –

Check out his song, “Shame”

Below is an excerpt from his website:

One Man Rock Band
Nothing Project

No drum machines and no band mates—the Nothing Project delivers rock n’ roll from every extremity of one man. This is not a studio creation but is, in fact, a true one man rock band. Marcus, Nothing Project’s front man (and back man) delivers the rock live as well as in the studio. The pulsing bass drum, snare, and high hat are always at his feet while his guitar bridges the gap between rhythm and vocal. Nothing Project is meant to be seen as well as heard.

Marcus spent many years in a four-piece band but he only spent four months sweating, writing and practicing as a one man rock machine before performing his first show in June, 2006. Since then he has been opening eyes and ears in venues throughout New York and New Jersey. Nothing Project has not been contained by the stage alone, with two live performances on 92.3 FM in New York City.
Rock your face off Ultra-Mega-Indie style

Nothing Project’s debut CD, appropriately titled “one man rock band”, was self released in May, 2008. The CD was produced, recorded and mixed on tape at the righteous Glide On Fade studio by Dave Raphael (Brant Bjork, Riva). Mastering of the album was done by Dave Collins (Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu). This is a unique rock record with tons of guitar that’s ready for thirsty ears. Nothing is all you need.