Co-producer, Carolyn Albert


Co-Producer, Carolyn Albert escaped from Taxachusetts in 2013 and immediately dove head-first into a variety of liberty activism in New Hampshire. After managing the Speakers & Sponsors Tent at PorcFest X and transportation for Liberty Forum 2014, she just couldn’t get enough, and was back on both fronts for PorcFest XI! She relaxes by coordinating group outings for dozens of her friends, such as a Penn & Teller show in Boston attended by 70+ Free Staters. As busy as Carolyn is, she has become an increasingly valuable member of the 101 Reasons team!

Associate Producer, Ian Freeman


Ian Freeman is the host of Free Talk Live, founder of – Liberty Radio Network and, and Executive Producer of the feature-length documentary, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree. He has joined the crew to add his insight and professionalism to the production of the 101 Reasons film, filling the role of Associate Producer. Ian is a dedicated activist and advocate of personal liberty and self-ownership. He has been an integral part of spreading the ideas of freedom and creating a welcoming, landing zone for participating Free State Project movers in the Keene, NH area. We are very excited to have Ian on board as a member of the production team!

Associate Producer, Mark Warden


Mark Warden, former NH State Rep and New Hampshire Liberty Alliance 2013 Legislator of the Year, has joined our team as an Associate Producer. Mark is a real estate agent and investor in New Hampshire. He leads the team at, helping people relocate and find great properties in NH. He is active in politics and liberty activism, having served 2 terms in the NH state legislature. Mark has served in a volunteer leadership capacity for volunteer nonprofit organizations and has provided marketing consulting to small businesses. He moved to New Hampshire as a Free State Project participant in 2007. We are extremely grateful to have Mark on our team of producers!

Director; Video & Audio Production, Beau Davis

Beau Davis, freelance video producer, with over 10 years of educational and professional experience, has worked on numerous projects of varying styles and demanding complexities. Beau has produced quality, creative video productions, including editing the feature-length documentary, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, shooting music videos of big name artists like Ace Hood and Swazy Baby, and producing commercials for organizations such as 1-800-PET-MEDS and Suns of Liberty Mint.

With a 4 year, Bachelor of Science Degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, completed in 2008, he has demonstrated talent and drive in his endeavor to become a great filmmaker, through continual learning, practice and experimentation. Beau will be doing “soup-to-nuts” scripting, interviewing, audio and video production as well as editing of this exciting, new documentary.

Publicist, Joël Valenzuela

A veteran of the D.C. beltway scene, Joël Valenzuela worked for several public policy think tanks and organizations public relations and fundraising, including the Cato Institute, the Leadership Institute, and the Office of Public Liaison at the White House. Wanting to impact the struggle for liberty in a more direct way, he moved to New Hampshire in 2013, and has since been involved in just about every project under the sun. In his off time he teaches martial arts and runs a blog, The Desert Lynx.