About The Film

In 2001, the Free State Project was founded to recruit 20,000 libertarian activists to move to a low-population state and consolidate their efforts. During the selection process to determine which state would become the destination of the FSP, a list of 101 Reasons to Vote for New Hampshire surfaced.

Designed to entice FSP members to vote for NH, the list showed an existing pro-freedom culture, political advantages, and a very diverse, beautiful environmental landscape – especially for a small state.

After the list helped secure NH as the chosen state of the FSP, the name was changed to “101 Reasons to Move to NH”. Since then, it has helped to inspire over 16,000 people to join the movement. The 101 Reasons have been modified over the years as victories for liberty have been achieved.

This full length, documentary film about the 101 Reasons will feature early movers – people who couldn’t wait and have already moved to NH prior to the goal of 20,000 signers being achieved.

The film will showcase each of the five sections of the 101 Reasons – Government; Politics; Economy; Community and Quality of Life; and Geography and Environment.

Among the many stories and features that will be covered between the readers are:

•   New signers and movers of the Free State Project

•   Jury Nullification

•   Shire Sharing

•   Free Talk Live

•   Robinhooding

•   New Hampshire Liberty Alliance legislative victories

•   Calendar events, social clubs and liberty activism meetups

•   Bardo Farm & other off the grid living

•   Cop Block

•   Bitcoin, precious metals & other alternative currencies.

•   Interviews with FSP Board Members, movers and liberty-lovers.

•   Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH

•   New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Nashua, NH

By the end of the film, liberty-lovers will be inspired to join the Free State Project, move to New Hampshire, continue their activism with like-minded people, and live free!

Contact Info:

  • General: info@101reasonsfilm.com