(VIDEO) Porcupine Freedom Festival

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Every year libertarians across, not only New Hampshire, but across the country and much of the world, gather in one place to celebrate free lifestyles and the advantages of free enterprise. The Porcupine Freedom Festival is a week-long family friendly event for all ages, put on by the Free State Project, in which you’ll find economics and law seminars, games, live music, vendors, bitcoin and other alternative currency trading and some really wild parties.

On February 20, 2014, we attended the New Hampshire Liberty Forum (another awesome event put on by the Free State Project) in Nashua, NH, where we recorded about 30 interviews with some of the events speakers as well as some really active people in the movement.

We’ve taken clips from these interviews and put together this video to give you a little more information about the Porcupine Freedom Festival.

However, our main goal is to produce a feature length documentary about the 101 Reasons list on the Free State Project website, in which we will encourage people to join the project and make the move to New Hampshire, so we can all find liberty in our lifetime.

We are currently raising money and at the time of uploading this video we are 9 days to our deadline. We’d like to exceed our goal, in order to help the FSP exceed it’s goal in getting 20,000 people to sign the pledge to make the move. Please consider donating to our efforts at the link below: