A difficult decision: postponing the release of the film

Posted By Ian on Nov 9, 2014 in Uncategorized | 2 comments


Thank you for your continued efforts throughout the past nine months. We greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for us and for the film.

This has been a very difficult decision for me, personally. After careful consideration, last night, Beau and I decided it would be better to hold the release of the
film until Monday, November 17th.

I can tell you with absolute certainty, Beau could’ve finished the film and we could’ve released it on the 10th, as planned. But, we asked ourselves, “would we be
proud of it? Would our fellow Free Staters be proud of it? Or would we be more proud if we polished it up more and took our time to make it the best it can be and give
it the promotion it deserves?”

For me, two friends with much wisdom helped me make this decision: Kristine Boncer and the film’s new consultant, Mike Vine. I remember seeing Kristine about a month ago. After talking about how I was worried we might not make the deadline of the 10th, she said, “It’s a piece of art. Don’t rush it.” Her words have stayed with me

Two nights ago, after talking to Mike for an hour, he agreed with postponing the release for a week. He gave us many great ideas on how to promote the film in the
final week leading up to the release, as well as after its release.

At the end of the day, once we put this piece of art online for the world to see, it’ll remain there for millions of people to watch and download for many years to
come. Waiting an extra week can only help our movement, not hurt.

Thanks to your tireless support of this crucial part of the promotional strategy, the Thunderclap campaign is going extremely well – currently at 391 supporters with
447,000 social reach. Thunderclaps usually take 2-3 weeks to promote. Ours would’ve only been six days. We feel with the extra week to promote, the film will have an
even more successful Thunderclap and will be seen by even more people.

The #1 thing you can do to help is to continue to help promote the Thunderclap campaign. If you manage – or if you know anybody who manages – a popular Facebook page, Twitter account or Tumblr, please reach out to them immediately. If they sign up their page for the Thunderclap, it will have an immense impact on the virility of the film.

I’m sorry we couldn’t get it done in time. In a way, I feel like we’ve let you down. But, when you see the final product, we think you’ll agree: it was worth the wait!

PS: Just to hold you over, on Monday, November 10th, we’re going to release a second trailer for the film. Stay tuned!

Executive Producer